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***** Ritual Unique Crossdresser With Morena Clara Masseur Crossdresser *****

This ritual crossdresser, is unique in my study, is a ritual session to ritualize the male body, a session that will not leave you indifferent to any sense and persection, feelings sensations that run through your body, whisper warm by several areas, the touch of My hands that resemble the touch of the feathers running all over your geographic map physical, mental and perseccion, a session never lived anywhere in your life.aplico technical varas that create of this ritual crossdresser a fusion of techniques and methods of Taoist massage, tantric massage, sutra massage, sensitive massage, lingam massage and sensuality.a powerful section that will put the body of tip flowing all your vital energy extremeciendote of pleasure.

This crossdresser ritual is only for men who are looking for new rituals and to enjoy in total a unique massage in barcelona.

I do not offer erotic escort, no sexual services but if a massage that despairs you, will make you feel new things, you will be satisfied and free of tensions and stress.

I am an expert tantric masseur and crossdresser in barcelona.
I have my private massage studio for luxury and comfort.
To reserve appointment with two hours before
Live, enjoy, relax and melt with intense pleasure.

I am not cheap because the cheap siemore comes out very expensive and I am an expert crossdresser masseur in the knowledge of the male body and it is very well that it needs to vibrate of total pleasure.

Do not compare a transvestite or transsexual with a crossdresser because they are very different concepts.
For more information visit my web link
Or call or maybe send a Whatssapp. Morena 602463983.
Not hidden numbers.

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