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💕💕How A True Tantric Massage Is Identified. 💕💕
The true tantric massage of India, is difficult to find since many erotic centers and "relax" floors misinterpret them with erotic connotations and disguised as "orientalism" according to them, with erotic "massages" with bodybody and sale of sessions of mutual nudes And complements, not to call them what we all know as they are called and have nothing to do with the true tantra massage of India, the internet media or ad portals, stick with these topics and tarnish the benefits of This type of authentic tantric massages from India.

Far from such considerations, and having resituated tantra in the vast world of Indian spirituality,

It is important to indicate that if a person who is not qualified in tantric massages are the ones that detract from the true tantric massage and its techniques, if you are a graduate you know what is done and do not improvise then it serves as a useful maybe for learning Of true and individual tantric massage or in couple. Depending on the discipline to offer if it is personalized or if it is for couples.
Tantric massage consists, in the first place, of a reunion between the giver and the receiver, something that can not be produced without an agreement having been previously established between the receiving subject and the practitioner of the massage, only the receiver is naked the exponent no longer It is not about erotic services, but rather about true tantra massage.

Learning to apply the techniques and methods of this tantric massage is not only the acquisition of a natural and effective method to calm stress, muscular tensions and Emotional problems are superior techniques that benefit the body and mind and enhance male and female sexuality, but also involves learning to develop your own potential to train and discover the pleasure of alleviating others and having a discipline of body and mind .

The true tantric massage has to have a specific discipline for each type of male or female sexuality, if you are offered a tantra massage and already this or erotic tantra this is not a true tantric massage, it will only be an erotic session that will pass you as if It is a tantra massage that is not, just like the ayurvedic massage that has several different techniques tantra massage has different slopes and disciplines since these tantric massages, follow the energetic networks of the human body, but also acts on the Chakras and focuses on the area of energy spheres.

It dynamizes, contributes energy and harmonizes to finally act in our general state of health. It allows the beginners, middle or advanced and couples to arouse their sensibility and sensuality, and rediscover the touch, a language as universal and ancient as the world discovering their potential sacred sexuality. Recipients are completely imbued with the pleasure of each pass each technique each method, without necessarily having a sexual or erotic objective, leading to a much richer love path, as well as a much wider sacred sexuality. With its numerous stages and stages of sensitivity, its step-by-step instructions in every practice performed, A true tantric massage teaches each one, cleanly and attractively, the power of touch, while offering the possibility of discovering strength Vital that is asleep in our interior living the three subtle bodies that we all have, but it is not caresses or intimate mutual touching and has nothing to do with bodies to body or body because that is not a massage or even therapeutic.

I am an attractive crossdresser, feminine and sophisticated holistic tantric masseur and qualified therapist in internationally renowned schools such as the Tantric Ashram Shiva Indian Bcn, the Ayurvedic Nataraj London, Center the Tantric Kathmandu Bcn, Ashram and the Great Tantric Hindu Sai India Temple of Barcelona. These schools make real tantric massages pertaining to the actual world-wide association of tantra in jaipoor India.

I am a professional crossdresser masseuse in several tantric and oriental massages with private study in the center of Barcelona.

For appointment you can call💕💕602463983 💕💕Use Whatssapp.

💕💕Not hidden numbers.💕💕

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