💠Tantra Lingam Massage StimulatingThe Testicles And The Prostatic With Masseuse CrossDresser Bcn💠💠

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🌼 Tantra lingam massage includes various techniques from different metods orientales of massage with elements from yoga and bioenergetics And sacred sexuality. Tantra lingam massage (or Tantric lingam massage for man) is more than a massage. It is a teaching devoted to personal Improve your sexuality and growth.

🌼 By doing Tantra lingam massage, we can be considered as Sacred sexuality trainers Massage. Embracing Tantra lingam massage will transform your experience of living. It will take you to a deeper sense of wellness So that you train to prolong, potentiate and stimulate with much more security without being fleeting, on an unprecedented scale.

🌼 I am a female and attractive Crossdresser masseur and expert in holistic and tantric massages and certified by the Amtj and original tantra schools that teach only tantric techniques from India and not improvisaciuones.

🌼In my space I can offer lingam bindu massage of intense pleasure so that you enjoy your sexual energy and enjoy being explored in your most intimate area in a way that no one has ever done. You also have the tantra lingam kularnava which includes a stimulating ancient Hindu maneuver and stimulates the prostate and testicle, making you train to prolong, boost and stimulate with much more security and extreme pleasure that will make you genir, you will not believe what you will be living.

🌼 I am trained and qualified in the best real tantra schools with veritable native teachers from India and Nepal that I will mention. As tantric tantric shiva indian barcelona, zen tantric palace barcelona tantric center and medicinal ayurveda nataraj london and bcn and the great tantric hindu temple in barcelona, schools and real masters who certify my titration and training in various techniques of true tantric massage.

🌼 Let's have a unique and matchless Tantra massage experience at our studio located at the center barcelona !

🌼 Contact us for more information on Line whatssapp or by phone Although in the web site you will have all the detailed information of each massage and price to choose.

🌼Tel : 🌼🌼 + 0034) 602463983.🌼🌼

🌼 I do not receive calls with hidden numbers

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